These rules are in place for you and your family to enjoy yourself in a safe, clean environment.

  1. Jumping on inflatables is not recommended for children under 3 years old. Their coordination is not developed enough.
  2. No running; walking & jumping only.
  3. Do not allow children on the RED or ORANGE side walls of the inflatables.
  4. Remove all jewelry, eyeglasses & hearing aids.
  5. Empty all items from pockets.
  6. Lifeguards are equipped with whistles. Please listen for this.
  7. No food, gum, or drinks allowed on inflatables.
  8. Maximum number of riders is posted on each unit.
  9. Parents are responsible for their child’s actions.
  10. Please remind children not to jump at the top of the slides. They must sit on their bottoms and slide feet first.
  11. NO Flipping, wrestling, or cartwheels.
  12. Toddler unit is reserved for toddlers (for children 2 and under only.)
  13. Foul language is prohibited and not permitted on clothing. You will be asked to flip the shirt inside out.
  14. No outside food/beverage.
  15. No one over 150 lbs on our inflatables PLEASE!

All clients will be required to sign a voluntary waiver and assumption of risk prior to jumping